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Smush Face

Survey snagged from Sharon.

Posted on 2007.08.30 at 22:58
Where I'm at: Dad's
How I'm feelin': blahblah
Name-- Liz aka Banzu
Shoe size-- None of your freaking business
Parents still together-- Hahahahahaha... No
Siblings-- Older sister and younger brother
Pets-- Max and Zoe, two boxers! We just had to put down Max though.

Color-- Blue
Number-- 13
Animal-- Cat
Drinks-- Mountain Dew.
Soda-- See above.
Book-- Book of Shadows, The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind, Any Piers Anthony Xanth series, Dragonworld.
Flower-- Queen Ann's Lace.

Color your hair?-- Yes. Many colors.. some of which don't exist anymore.
Twirl your hair?-- Yeah, when I'm reading or drawing.
Have tattoos?-- No... Shut up.
Have Piercings?-- Ear and tongue.
Cheat on tests/homework?-- No.
Drink/Smoke?--Both! Thank you.
Like roller coasters?-- Hellz Yeah. They're Boss.
Wish you could live somewhere else?-- Yes! Scotland. :D
Want more piercings?- Yes. A lot of them.
Like cleaning?-- I have recently. It's relaxing.
Write in cursive or print?-- Print. I'm too lazy for cursive.
Own a web cam?-- Why? Wanna see me naked. D:
Know how to drive?-- Automatic. Stick is something I'm going to have to learn.
Own a cell phone?-- It's not on.
Ever get off the damn computer?-- No. Shut up.

Been in a fist fight?-- Yes. A few times.
Considered a life of crime?-- Only if I had the guts to steal anything.
Considered being a hooker?-- Yeah but only as a joke. <_<;; Lied to someone?-- Of course. Who hasn't. Been in love?-- Yes. It was sweet. Been in lust?-- Yeah. I'm a whore. Used someone?-- Not intentionally.. Xutes. Been used?-- Oh yeah. Been cheated on?-- Yes. Xutes does it all the time. Kicked someone in the nuts?-- XDXD Yes! I felt bad afterwards. Stolen anything?-- When I was really little. Held a gun?-- A shotgun. :D CURRENTS Current clothing-- A skirt and a blue shirt. Current mood-- Tense, Nervous, Dizzy. Current taste-- Flesh. What you currently smell like-- Shaving cream.. Strawberry kind. Current hair-- Ponytail. Current thing I ought to be doing-- Putting stuff in a bag. Current cd in stereo-- Muse: Absolution. Last book you read-- DragonWorld. Last movie you saw-- Halloween, the Rob Zombie one. Last thing you ate-- Pizza. Last person you talked to on the phone-- XUTES!! Do drugs?-- I did, then I quit. Believe there is life on other planets?-- Yeah. They frighten me. Remember your first love?-- Yeah. :D Still love him/her?-- No. Still think about him in passing. Read the newspaper?-- Only the comics. Have any gay or lesbian friends?-- :D My mom. Believe in miracles?-- Sometimes. Do well in school?-- SKOOOOOL? Wear hats-- I'm not really a hat person. Hate yourself?-- Yeah. HAT M3 2DAY! Have an obsession?-- Uh huh. Collect anything?-- ._. Uhhhh... Paper. Have a best friend?-- Xutes and Trinks! Close friends?-- Xutes, Trinks, Jessica, Joe... That's it. Like your handwriting?-- No. Care about looks-- Meh. Sometimes. If I'm feeling up to it. First crush-- Jordan Stackhouse, one of my brothers friends when I was about four. First kiss-- Jordan Stackhouse.. Because he liked me back. Do you believe in love at first sight?-- Yes! Do you believe in "the one?"-- I think about that.. Yes. Are you a tease?-- Hell yeah. :D Too shy to make the first move?-- That depends. Daydreamer-- Yes. Bitch/Asshole-- .... Yeah. -_- sarcastic-- Only sometimes. Angel-- 0 Devil-- ... Yeah I guess. Shy-- Not really. Talkative-- You can't shut me up.

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